Tip for middle school : how to choose your perfect bag ?

The perfect bag in middle school according to your age :

A bag for the middle school : In the Year 7 and 8, your child’s school bag must be large. Opt for a bag with 2 or 3 compartments, to wear on the back or crossed, with ergonomics features (reinforced back, wide shoulder straps,…) because often its contents will be very heavy.

For the Year 9 and 10, as a general rule and according to the establishments, the contents of your child’s bag will be lighter to wear, your teenager will begin to be able to organize their bag differently, the large binders and notebooks will be replaced by sorter containing only the last courses of each subject. So you can choose a smaller bag. For example, the Eastpak Padded will replace the Pinnacle and the girls will begin to turn to the tote bags of their favorite brands. 
eastpak-sac-a-dos eastpak-reporter eastpak-pinnacle kothai
Padded – Eastpak

Most famous bag from Eastpak, really practical and confortable.

Reporter Delegate – Eastpak
Compatible with A4, get you a highly trendy look.
Pinnacle – Eastpak

Perfect for the Year 7 and 8, for carrying heavy stuff

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