Traveling tip : The dual between the Suitcase and the Travel bag

That’s it ! The airline tickets are taken, the reservation for the hotel booked, the sunscreen purchased, but there is a dilemma : we don’t know what to choose between a suitcase and a travel bag ! We therefore go asking for some advices in a leather shop.

avion décolle

The suitcase is the best-selling luggage :

– handy with its 2 or 4 wheels and telescopic handle

– practical with its interior fittings

The travel bag :

– gives a younger and backpacker style

– once empty, can be flattened and stored easily

– often sold with a removable shoulder strap, can therefore be worn on the shoulder

First, you have to specify how long you want to go out: a weekend, a week, a month … Because the volume of the luggage is one of the most important thing for the choice. The destination is important because the volume of a swimsuit is not the same as that for a ski suit.

In any case, when you go with your family or a couple, it is better to prefer 2 medium-sized suitcases than a huge, much less manageable and that the airlines risk to refuse you. Do not forget to mix the business of Mr and Mrs in both luggage, because if a piece of luggage is lost, one of the two risks having nothing to wear!

Think of leaving a little room and weight for the memories brought back!

To weigh your suitcase, think of your scale: weigh with and without the suitcase and make a subtraction. Otherwise there are pocket-size scale for luggage, for being sure not to pay extras!

All of our luggages here !

Quand à la matière de vos bagages, vous avez le choix, et c’est selon vos priorités. Les valises peuvent être en :

polypropylène : très solide, un peu lourd, inusable, pas très chère. Ce sont les coques qui existent depuis longtemps et qui ont fait leur preuve.

polycarbonate : solide, plutôt légère, les plus vendues, prix moyen.

matériau CURV® : nouvelle technologie chez Samsonite, très solide, extrêmement léger, prix élevé.

toile : léger, prix moyen, avantage des poches sur le devant.

Les sacs de voyage sont en toile, plus ou moins solide ( regardez le nombre de deniers : plus il est élevé, plus la toile est solide ), avec ou sans roulettes, plus ou moins souple.

Voilà ! Vous savez tout, et pour la couleur de votre bagage, c’est à votre goût !

For the material of your luggage, you have the choice, and it is according to your priorities:

The suitcase can be in :

– Polypropylene : very solid, somewhat heavy, indestructible, not very expensive.

– Polycarbonate : solid, rather light, best sold, average price.

– CURV® material : new technology at Samsonite, very strong, extremely light, high price.

– Hessian : light, medium price, advantage of the pockets on the front.

The travel bag can be in :

– Canvas : more or less solid (look at the number of deniers: the higher it is, the stronger the canvas)

with or without wheels

more or less flexible

Now, you know everything, and for the color of your luggage, it’s up your taste!