Comeback : the return of the clutch, perfect for your party !

The clutch has became an indispensable accessory in our dressing room.

Défilé de mode avec accessoires, pochettes, minaudières

No fashionista would go out with her everyday bag; Then, to transport the strict necessities: mobile, credit card, emergency make-up and other cigarettes, we choose the clutch to bring the final touch to our look !

Each will find the perfect clutch to match their style ! The choice will depend on the design, the material, the color and the desires of the moment. The essential thing is to own your owned clutch bag to be the queen of the night, knowing that it is the accessory that will finalize an outfit and will give the image you want to send back: wise, fashionable, sassy, or simply feminine.

choix minaudières

Van Cleef & Arpels launched this accessory in the 1930s; The clutches were made of precious materials: gold, platinum, precious stones, ivory, or crocodile; But all the fashion houses offer clutches at all prices and the choice is endless.

lollipops-minaudiere-venus-box-black-silver.569 lollipops-minaudiere-valery-box-gold.23 lancaster-poupee-russe-monaudiere-123-14-rouge

The clutch is made of leather, spangles, animal skin or other fantasies. It is always in the shape of a rigid box, with an old-fashioned clasp and has a chain for wearing on the shoulder. For those who prefer the pouch to hold by hand, no worries, there is something for everyone.

guess-amy-pochette-noir.9guess-sac-amy--noir lollipops-vox-small-clutch-black478

The glitter gives a very sparkly side to the accessory, but one can prefer a varnish or matt leather for a wiser effect.

Everyone bring their clutch, and the night will be ours !