How to choose the perfect clutch for ceremony this summer

Durnig summer there are a lot of ceremony : marriage, baptism, communion … We all want to be on top. The outfit is found, the shoes too, there is only missing thing, the clutch ! What to choose? What color ? How to match it?

Here some advices for helping you to find the right one for ceremony :

  • Your outfit is plain; the clutch can be matched to either the outfit or the shoes. To brighten the whole and bring out the colors, accessorize with multicolored jewels.

tenue bleue marinelancaster-572-98-bleu.10

Details of the clutch :

  • You’ve opted for the timeless little black dress, your clutch can be black too, but to avoid all-black, favor the glitter or varnish.

tenue noiremilla-louise-liv.966

Details of the clutch :

  • Do not look for the exact color to match, you will be difficult to find it (except for black). Just try to maintain everything in harmony.

lollipops-tara-20891-goldtenue beige taupe

Details of the clutch :

  • The trend of the micro-bag is coming! Be at the latest trend of fashion and choose this accessory, which is, moreover, usable on any other occasion!

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Details of the micro-bag :